Apr. 8, 2016

walking a cart?

Have you ever seen a woman taking a grocery cart for a walk?  I saw one in Walmart.  Instead of pushing the cart from behind, while holding onto the handle, she had grabbed the side of the basket and was walking along the side of it, as if taking it for a stroll.  She moved slowly, searching for her items on the shelves, taking up two lanes in one aisle, and she didn't behave as if she cared that she was holding up traffic.  I wish I had taken a video.  I know how rude occurrences like this mess with Angry Jill, but her anger lessens when she's watching how others react to the same situation.  It's quite fun, actually.

I remember when I was a little girl, there were no indicator lights on cars.  When my Daddy would drive, he performed the signals talked about in the website below.  You're still supposed to do these signals when driving any old car with no indicator lights or when on a motorcycle.  Isn't that right?

This morning, I experienced invisibility while driving to work.  Someone pulled out in front of me after dropping their kid off at school, and I had to break to keep from hitting them.  When the light turned green at N L and Underwood, a young man stepped out in front of me to walk across the street.  He was looking at his cell the entire time.  I pulled into the college and a cart pulled in front of me, without looking left to see if anyone was coming.  Have you ever experienced invisibility?  If I'm going to have a super power, I'd rather it be flight.

Quote of the day:  "When looking for your eyeglasses, it's very difficult to look for your eyeglasses."  -author gammajill-