Apr. 3, 2016

no I'm not jealous....maybe

At Andy’s picking up BBQ, I get up to leave and 6 guys are doing the same.  I was situated at the door in a position where I held the door open for them.  The first 4 guys walked through the door, talking, and paid me no mind, no thank you was spoken.  The fifth guy stopped, grabbed the door and politely told me to go ahead.  I said no that’s okay, but he insisted.  I let him hold the door and then I said, “Thank you” to him.  Please keep in mind that I would hold the door open for guys until the cows came home, and feel good about doing so, but when there is no sign of thankfulness, well this girl is not a fan of that.  I knew that if I were a thin, pretty woman, those guys would have run over each other to grab that door for me. 

Since back in jr high I have been watching my gender, just sitting back and observing them.  My observations began when one of my fellow cheerleaders, (yes I was a cheerleader, who would have thought) behaved normally around me, but was flirty, flighty, touchy/feely, giggly around guys.    From that time on, I have watched my fellow females, and have been amazed by their behavior around guys.  In watching them and being saddened that they would change themselves for a man, I knew that I would never behave like a peacock and I never have.  That’s probably why I had few dates when I was young.  It might have also been because I had to beg my Mom to let me shave my legs when I was in the 7th grade!  Also, we were church goers, so I couldn’t go to any dances or parties.

A few weeks back, a thin, pretty young woman showed up at a sporting event.  She was wearing form fitting yoga pants.  She looked very fit and sexy.  I noticed that her butt was somewhat like Kim K’s, nowhere near the size of course, I’ve never seen anything to equal Kim K’s butt.  Anyway, it caused me to wonder if it was her butt.

The guys were double taking and almost tripping themselves to look at her, I mean, she was so excellent I’m not sure I would kick her out of bed for eating crackers.  Just kidding… I’m trying to make a point about how pretty she was, okay?  You just don’t see that many perfect looking people, know what I mean?  I observed her as she moved among the guys, with some of the men actually stopping in their tracks to rubberneck at her.

What?  Well of course I’m jealous.  Jealous and bitter, but also saddened .  She had a boyfriend, and he didn’t mind at all the way she was behaving around his friends.  I know, through my observing, that guys find much pleasure in being envied by other guys for the sexiness of their woman.

I do believe that if I were like the women I observe, I would have a guy, but if I have to pretend to be stupid to get one, you can forget that.

I just rattled on in this post, and it’s way too long for my liking, and if you have read this far, I am surprised.  Don’t believe I would have.  That’s why you guys are awesome.  Love you!