Mar. 27, 2016

groceries and a stroll

I’m out early Sunday morning for grocery shopping and a walk at the park.

You remember how I get angry about rudeness? Well, I park at the store, and notice that the person who racks up the grocery carts has left them blocking two handicap spaces. Hiss.

Saw a guy step out of a hugemongus, shiny, white truck and wanted to say to him, “Is your penis really that small.”

Guy dressed in a suit, looking very handsome, comes out of the donut place. I figure he must be a greeter at church.

At the park, I see a car with no one in it and a car parked a few yards away with two people in it. Not sure, but I think they’re making out. Who do they think they’re kidding?

Going to walk around the park, but wait there are very few people here. I’m thinking, what if someone tries to attack me, who would help me bury the body? Oh who am I kidding, no one would have the nards or the desire to come after me? Seriously.

Guys are setting up a large BBQ pit, bunches of chairs and tarps. Wow, they’re putting their souls on the line to set-up for when the church goers arrive. A big risk they’re taking. They probably went to an early mass. Yeah right.

If I had a filter, I would be much better off. Maybe not having one is why I have no friends.

If you’ve never taken a stroll while listening to a-ha sing Take On Me on your ear buds, then you haven’t lived.

I love you guys! Thank you for visiting my blog…’re outstanding!