Mar. 21, 2016

cray cray

Is it possible that a secret force, either it be of this world or out of this world, has removed the blinker light system from some people’s cars, because I have noticed that so many are not using theirs today.

Instead of saying crazy, some say cray cray.  Now… if I hear anyone say cray cray in my presence, I will NOT be held responsible for my actions.  And, of course, the first one of my friends who will say it to me, no matter how angry it makes me, will be….Jay Morris.  And when Jay Morris says cray cray to me, he had better have his running shoes on.

Curious as to why so many people watch it, I observed 3 episodes of “Keeping Up With The Kardashians.”  I discovered that every, single one of the girls is obsessed with their looks, Kim loves taking selfies and having her picture taken by others, Kim is married to Kanye or maybe not, they have people on standby to do their makeup, they wear mostly black and white, Bruce Jenner (he was Bruce Jenner in the episodes I watched) is a tyrant and a bully, the brother, Rob, has gained weight and people make fun of him for it, even Kim, which is why he hides from everyone.  And the big butts…I know that guys love ‘em (hence the song “I Like Big Butts.”)  But seriously, these are abnormal butts.  Ever since I watched KUWTK, I have felt depressed and shocked.  It’s as if I got a glimpse of hell.  They will begin their 12th season.