Mar. 6, 2016

Ruck on!

[Ethan is #5]

It would be cosmic to go full-out at somebody, hit 'em and bring 'em down hard.  I can think of several people I'd like to do that way.  Ha.

I totally understand why my boy loves rugby.  One reason is that the teams bash each other up, and then go out for beers afterwards. 

And, right after the game, the guys come over to the sidelines, clap hands and do a cheer thanking their fans for coming out and watching them.  This actually touches my heart...seriously.

I was filming Ethan doing the 'thank you' and one of the cutest players came running towards me and I thought I got it on video.  I didn't.  I'm such a goof.  It would've been cool to post it.  Oh, and let me clarify, the guys are ALL cute.

Y'all should come watch one of their games, you'll be hooked.  Maybe you might want to play rugby with them, and you girls can see guys with their shirts off!  I highly recommend it.

I love rugby, but not as much as my little boy does.  I hope to never miss one of his matches.  So happy he's doing something that he loves.

"Ruck on!"  Not sure they say that, but I do.

[Photes courtesy of my daughter-in-law -- DM Jakob Photography -- You can like her page on Facebook.]