Mar. 2, 2016

utterly silky

I'm sure all of you know about Udder Cream, but I just discovered it.  I used it for the first time last week, and it is utterly (You knew that was coming.) the best hand cream ever.  I love the feel of's not greasy and it makes my skin very soft.  The reason it was invented is because cows' udders got chafed from weather extremes and milking.  Can you imagine a farmer rubbing an udder with Udder Cream?  I will say no more.

I don't wear makeup.  Hmmm, might be the reason I don't have a guy.  Anyway, I wore it to work today, and didn't get not one compliment.  It's like they didn't even notice.  Could be I look hideous, and they were all too polite to tell me.  Ha!  Yeah...right.

"You stupid maroon you, I cannot go any faster than the person in front of me is going.  It doesn't help you to ride my bumper.  You're not going to get there any faster than I am.  Sit back and relax, we're in this together."