Feb. 22, 2016

thanks a lot mom and dad

Sometimes people who ride your bumper are not in a hurry.  Sometimes they ride your bumper simply because they are stupid.  We Hayter kids were not allowed to call anyone stupid.  When we did, Mom's punishing us by yanking our hair, learned us good.  I wonder…my 4 brothers are all short of hair on the top.  They must have said stupid a lot.

At Southern Kountry Kitchen, waiting for my called-in order....
Pretty, young Greeter to old fart:  "Thank you for coming!"
Old fart in his 'this little lady is flirting with me and thinks I'm hot' voice:  "Why sugar it was my pleasure."
Me:  Skin crawls

Do you like belching cucumbers?  I do.  It's an acquired taste.

On Long Island Medium, Theresa will read someone and when they validate what she's said, she will sometimes open her mouth real wide, gasp and look shocked.  I don't understand that.

How would you feel if you were in a group to be read by Theresa and no spirit came to visit you?  I would be like, "Wow, Mom and Dad, thanks a lot for embarrassing me."