Feb. 16, 2016

Am I wrong?


Do you count, type words, repeat licenses plate numbers and something you’ve read or heard in your head over and over?  No?  Well good for you.



Have you ever been in a drive-thru and the order taker talks all stupid, and you think I can’t wait to see what this guy looks like?  Then you see him, and it all makes sense.

Saw a license plate that read Virginia is for Lovers.  I never thought of the State of Virginia being for lovers.  There’s got to be a major reason why the state would use this as their slogan. Am I wrong?

I don’t watch TV cooking programs often, because they make me want to eat, and I don’t need any extra help with that.  Anyway, on the cooking shows, most cooker people crack an egg by lightly tap, tap, tapping it on the side of a bowl.  And I’m like oh come on!  Tap harder and get it open for heaven’s sake!  Tapping it over and over, breaks up the shell in little pieces, and when it comes open, sometimes the pieces of shell end up in the bowl.  Dang it man, give the egg one good rap and get it over with.  Am I wrong?

Saying for the day:  "Whoever has the VooDoo doll of me, can you please scratch my butt?  Thanks, I'm in public and can't do it myself."  -unknown-