Feb. 12, 2016

Paul's a pain

My coworker and friend, Paul Gordy, comes out of his office, which he calls the hole, to visit and look out my window.  I’m happy to talk with him and to have a window that he can look out, BUT (and I have a big one) he can be very annoying.  Please tell me what is wrong with the picture to your left.  You are correct sir!  The blinds are no longer uniform.  You see…Paully goes to my window and pulls the blind down to look out.  Does he straighten it back?  Nope.  He just goes back into the hole from whence he came.   Then I immediately straighten the blind.  He thinks I have OCD.  I say whatever.  I simply prefer things to be symmetrical, anything less is unacceptable.

Do you ever begin a diet by throwing away all the “bad” food in your kitchen?  Do you crush the potato chips and pour them into the trash can, so you won’t be tempted to eat them?  Do you take the ice cream and run water over it so that it is no longer edible?  Every time I begin a diet, I bring much of my bad food to work and place it on the break room table for whoever wants it.  I believe my fellow workers wish I’d go on a diet more often.  I feed a family of 7 by cleaning out my pantry every couple of weeks.  If you placed all the food end-to-end that I have given away or destroy because of my dieting, it would circle the earth 44 times.

“She’s turned his life around. She used to be depressed and miserable. Now she’s miserable and depressed.”  -unknown-