Jan. 31, 2016


When a cashier gives you change from a purchase, do you ever drop it in your purse willy nilly-like?  Later, you remember you have money in disarray in your purse.  You quickly find the bills, flatten them out, then put them in your wallet, with 20s in the back, then 10s, 5s and 1s in the front.  And, you place the loose coins in your coin purse where coins belong.  Wow, you are weird.

Would you buy a product that is advertised on TV, because they use a heart or a nose or a small intestine to sell it? 

Ladies, is your profile pic on Facebook a selfie of you looking up at your cell and making a duck face, while wearing a push-up bra under a low cut top?  Well of course it isn’t, that would be stupid.  You’re too smart for that, because you know guys know you have a double chin.  You know that if you’re really cute, you don’t need to do the duck or stick your tongue out and cross your eyes face.  And anyway, you know the boys aren't looking at your face, ya macaroon.

 Real bear hugs are often fatal.  –author unknown-