Jan. 21, 2016

sweet memories

[This picture has nothing to do with these 3 memories.  I just wanted to post it because it's one of our Hayter family gatherings. Jill, Big Al, Dennis, Larry, Kay, Mark and Ma.]

I was a bride’s maid at my brother Dennis and my sister-in-law Dardon Ann’s wedding in 1969.  I was a junior in high school at the time.  After the wedding, all the bridesmaids and groomsmen were in the receiving line.  My escort was Gary Clark.  A young man walked up to Gary, shook his hand and said, “Looks like you got the cream of the crop.”  I took the comment with a huge blush, as the boy then shook my hand.  After the wedding, why didn’t I find the boy and talk to him?  We might have become friends for life!  But no, the thought didn’t even enter my goofy, naïve mind.  I was too shy around boys who might be interested in me, still am.

I took a good whiff of the scarf I’ve been wearing around my neck.  It smells like old lady.  Some would think, ewww!  But instead, a sweet memory came to me.  I realized that it was the smell of my Grandmother Teegarden.  Sometimes old lady smell is very cool.

After a Hayter family gathering, where there was food involved (hahahahahahahaha, there was never a gathering where food wasn’t involved in a Hayter family gathering), we girls would help Mom clean up.  Sometimes Mom would combine all the chips into one bag – potato chips, Fritos, Cheetos, taco chips. I never asked her why she did it.  I wanted to tell her, “Ma! When my taste buds are set for a Cheeto, it’s disturbing to bite into a Frito!”  I never said anything to her though.  Another sweet memory.

Love you guys!  Come back to visit!  I adore comments!!