Dec. 30, 2015

gamma rays

As you know, rudeness is at the top of my dislike list.  Below are rude events that I witnessed recently.  Names were not mentioned to protect the guilty, and because I don’t know any of their names.  Also, I added embellishment to make the happenings snarkier, because this is my blog, and I can do whatever I want. j/k  Examples of rude:

(1.)The young girl who whipped in and out of traffic in her little car that her daddy probably bought her, because she graduated from high school.  She’s texting her BFF.  She’s surprisingly good at darting back and forth, but as I watch her, I’m fearing for the family she might kill.

(2.)There’s the cowboy in the huge, black, spotlessly clean truck, that I slowed down to let into traffic before me.  The guy who pulls in front of me without giving me a wave or a nod of thanks.  Grrr.

(3.)The family at Walmart, that I hold the door open for, and smile as the grandparents, parents, and children pass through; and I receive no thank you from any of them.  When I hold the door open for others and they don’t thank me, I always whisper, “You’re welcome.”  I don’t say it out loud, because, as you know, everyone carries a gun these days. 

(4.)The cashier at Target…There is a line behind me as I’m checking out, I tell Jeff that we need to get me some water on the way out.  He tells me I passed up the water, so he rushes back to get me one.  I felt bad about holding up the line.  I was turning to the people to say that I was sorry, and the cashier was drumming her fingers on the conveyor belt!  This did happen, just ask my son.  Don’t worry, when we left the store, the girl was upright and breathing.

Thank you for reading!  Have a happy 2016!  I love you.  Keep visiting my blog, if you want to.