Dec. 26, 2015

simma down now

They are beginning to clear off the land between the new HEB and Underwood. It’s full of trees and brush.  Wonder how many dead bodies they’ll find buried there?

You know when you’re drinking a strawberry shake and it makes your throat tickle and you start coughing and can’t stop? I hate that when that happens.

A shout out to Burger King for their strawberry shakes. Yummy yum!

Those of you who know me know that I have anger issues, along with post nasal drip, but I’ll save the drip issue for another time.  To help with my anger problem, I thought it would be helpful for me to listen to calming sounds on CDs.  Do you have any recommendations?  No strings or opera stuff or pianos, yucko.  I enjoy the sounds of the ocean or waterfalls, but no sudden bird chirpings. The bird sounds unnerve my spirit guides.  I’m looking for more of a Native American drum sound or a Celtic drum sound, no bagpipes please….not a big fan of bagpipes.  I Need a sound that’s soft, gentle, soothing and repetitive in a nice way.

Okay people, get on that.  Pick CDs with my specifications, and don’t take too long about it.  Don’t make me pull this car over!  AND, if you know of any anger management classes, sharing those with me would be swell also.

Love you guys!  Thanks for reading!  Please leave a comment.