Dec. 18, 2015

my snarky spirit

My friends at work are always trying to get me to speak Spanish.  When I try, they giggle and say the word over to me, because evidently I don’t say it to their satisfaction.  I don’t know why they continue to try to teach me.  I feel I know all the Spanish I need to know…..taco, enchilada, chili rellenos, Cabana sampler.  Si.

I read where some people will do anything to keep from making more than one trip from their car to their house with their bags of groceries.  Well, I am one of those people I read about.  I will spend 5 minutes at my car stringing plastic bags on both arms, equalizing the weight on each side.  I can fit a couple in my mouth if necessary, if they’re not real heavy.  It’s a real bummer if I get to the door and have forgotten to have my house keys out.  Then, the trick is to keep the curse words to a minimum.

It’s that stupid Christmas Spirit thing in Food Town again.  They play the suckiest Christmas music of all!  Bing Crosby was singing the Bells of St. Betty or something. I don’t like him. His son, Gary Crosby, was on a talk show once and said his dad always called him chug butt, and he didn’t like it, and neither do I.  Why do that to a kid?  That’s just hateful and cruel.

Also in Food Town, I heard Boobell Lay sing a jazz rendition of Rudolph and it went on and on.  I’m going to get much flack for this, but Frank Sinatra is just a step above Bing Crosby on my list.  Never cared for him.  Frank was singing some song, I don’t know what it was.  He was leaving out some of the words, like he always does, because he’s so cool there’s no need for him to sing every one, you know like Don Ho used to not have to sing every word.  “Tiny bubbles……wine….happy….fine….”

Sorry, I’m in a Snarky Spirit.