Dec. 9, 2015

playing in the rain

When you were a kid, did your mother let you play in the rain? We could play in the rain under two conditions.  #1 if when we got through, we’d wait outside until our clothes dried or #2 if we brought a towel out to the breezeway before we got wet and dried off before entering the house. Dripping water on the floor was a major no-no.

You remember the smell that would come off the street on a hot, rainy day?  It was cool.

The sides of the street would fill with water, and the water would travel to the sewers.  We’d place popsicle sticks in the rainwater and follow the sticks as they floated to the sewer.

Playing in the rain was a hoot and a half. We had good imaginations.

I want to play in the rain again.  Maybe I’ll do it with my grandsons.  That way people would think, “Isn’t she the sweetest Grandmother to play in the rain with her grandchildren.  She gives her all to them.”   But I would be thinking, “This is awesome!  I’ve got to find some popsicle sticks!”

You remember getting popsicles from the popsicle man and saving the sticks so you could make something from them?  For years now you can go to a craft store and buy a big bag of ‘em.  That sure takes the fun out of it.

When you see me playing in the rain, you are welcome to join me.