Dec. 2, 2015

my Mom


[Pictured: Me and Alan as we waited.]

When I was a kid, my Mom would often walk about the house with a can of room deodorizer held high over her head, spraying as she walked through each room. She always had a miffed look on her face. Wonder what that was all about?

 Also, when I was a kid and my little brother Alan and I would misbehave (this rarely happened, teeheehee), Mom would tell us that when Daddy got home, she was going to tell him what we did. Alan and I would instantly straighten up and turn into innocent little angels. We’d sit very still, dreading Dad’s arrival and the time when Mom would squeal on us. Every, single time she told us she was going to rat on us, but she never did. I don’t know why we were always so scared.

 I guess maybe we thought there was that one time she would really tell him. Mom had a lot of power. I think she very well knew that. I bet she patiently waited for Al and me to misbehave, so that she could tell us she was going to tell Dad.  Then the two of us would be really good, fearing for our lives.  She would quietly sneak out onto the back porch and give a huge gleeful laugh, because she had yet again won.

 Later on in Ma’s Life:   My Mom never, never met a plastic grocery bag she didn’t like. We’d bring her home from the store, remove the groceries from the plastic bags and stuff the plastic bags into a terry cloth grocery bag holder hanging in her kitchen. I would always wonder when the holder was going to get too full to add more. Once, after I emptied a bag, I secretly shoved it into her trash can, and she came right after me, pulled the sucker out and crammed that thing into the bag holder. I didn’t try that again.

I miss you Mom… and I miss you Daddy.