Nov. 25, 2015




As you know, in a hot wings order, you get the meatier parts of the wing that look like mini chicken drumsticks, and you get the other not so meaty parts of the wing that have way less meat on them.  I’ve never eaten hot wings with a group, so I have a few questions I need answered.

What is hot wings etiquette:

1. Do each of you take turns grabbing a wing part?

2. Do you grab one when you’re ready for one, and don’t worry if you’ve had 6 and you’re buddy has had only 4?

3. Is it okay if you eat more wing parts than your friends?

4. Do you call them wing parts or just wings, even though they're wing parts.

5. Can you always grab for a chicken drumstick wing part, or do you have to take turns getting a drumstick one and getting one of the other ones?

6. Do your friends ever say, “Hey Ramos!  You’ve been eating drumsticks every time, dude!  Grab a radius/ulna once in a while!”


Having the money to buy food to prepare Thanksgiving dinner = awesome.  Not having to return to the grocery store, because you forgot to pick up sage or celery = priceless.


I am thankful that all of you are in my life.  I love you.