Nov. 19, 2015

ticked off

Few things tick me off more than someone messing with my stuff without my permission. Example, I take my car to the car wash. When I get back into my car, the radio stations are changed to Latino music! Let me clarify something real doesn't matter if the channels had been changed to Latino, rap, opera or polka music. I do NOT like anyone messing with my stuff! You're in possession of my car for like 5 minutes! How do you have time to change my freaking channels, and why would you do something like that? If you did it to tick me off, you succeeded you hideous maple loop you!

When you open a condiment packet, like ketchup, and empty it on your plate, do you eat what's left on the opening of the packet?

Millions have asked.......what? Yes, millions have asked! I have many readers.  Ahem, like I was saying, millions have asked why I spell nuts "nutz." I do that simply because it's cool, and I can't help being's what I am. Much like Lady Gaga, I was born this way.

Jay Morris asked me what all the "....'s" mean. I told him those are pauses, and they are needed for affect, or effect.

Can you say the word infarction without smiling?