Oct. 27, 2015




Back in the 50’s/60’s, store bought Halloween costumes were never an option for us Hayter kids.  We made our costumes ourselves. Seems like we were always a hillbilly, a scarecrow or a pirate.




…carry our candy in large double lined paper grocery sacks with the rims rolled down, so there was something to hold onto.

…RUN, never walk, to each house.

…always say, “Thank you!”

…fill our first bag, take it home, then run out for another go at it, until it was time to stop and go home for good. 

When the fun was over, we’d dump our goodies on the living room floor.  Some trading went on.

I’d eat all of the chocolate candy, the suckers and the bubble gum first and save the candy pictured here for the last.  This was the worst candy, but when it was like say February, and it was the last of the Halloween stash, it didn’t taste that bad.

A poll said that this candy is the most hated candy by trick or treaters.


Wife: "I know he's a zombie, but hey, at least I found a guy who wants me for my brains."