Oct. 10, 2015

I wonder

Now that I am old, I’m trying to live more on the edge. You know, for excitement before I drop dead. Okay, brace yourselves! I used Taco Bell hot sauce and purposely did not read the saying on the packet!  I know! I know! I’m a wild a crazy gamma!  BUT, now that the packet with its saying on it is long gone and at a landfill somewhere, I’m wishing I had read it…. because I need closure. *sigh*

A shout-out to the 105 Café in Conroe!  Excellent breakfast!

Here’s another strange thing about me, if you’re keeping count, let me know what number you’re up to. Here goes….I enjoy watching people eat certain foods, foods that I would not eat, like oysters on the half shell, lobster and crab legs. When I was in jr high, I would watch my best friend, Kathy Phelps, eat whole stewed tomatoes. Never saw any of the other students eating whole stewed tomatoes, just my friend. It was a puzzlement to me why the cafeteria even had whole stewed tomatoes. Kathy wouldn’t cut them up, she’d just put a whole one in her mouth. And, she would eat Lay’s potato chips by first removing the folded ones and saving them in a pile to eat last. I would think, she either liked the folded ones the best or liked them the least. I never asked her, because when you’re young, you have to keep your weird thoughts to yourself, cause you might be tagged a weirdo. I’m old now, so I say everything I think, and ask everything I want to know. I don’t care if anyone thinks I’m a weirdo. I believe you call that old fart behavior. I don’t like old fart behavior, unless I’m the old fart who behaves that way. 

Lastly, think about this:  “I wonder if people wonder what I wonder, because I wonder what people wonder. Do YOU wonder what I wonder? Now THAT is what I wonder. I wonder what you’re wondering as you wonder what I wonder, if of course you’re even wondering what I’m wondering…
I wonder.”  -unknown-