Oct. 6, 2015

more thoughts

Had a good time at Jeff and Katie's new home. Nice house, lots of acreage and a huge work building for my boy to make anything he wants. We had dinner out, lots of talking and much Big Bang Theory watching.  Most epic time of all was last night, laying in the bed of his truck looking up.  He showed me Saturn, the Milky Way, the Little Dipper, a satellite and we saw a shooting star.  Star gazing with my sweetheart boy......priceless.

Who was it that decided we should eat french fries with our hamburgers? Just wondering, but not enough to research it.

After I've watched an episode of The Walking Dead or Fear The Walking Dead, I feel it best to turn off my lights.....you know.....so the zombies don't know I'm at home.

As you know, I continuely complain about people who are stupid, rude, agressive drivers. Here's yet another example of ignorant driving:  I'm in the center lane of a 3-lane, and there is no one on either side of me.  I'm going 5 miles over the speed limit.  A macaroon races up right behind me, like she's waiting for me to move over so she can pass. I don't move over. Suddenly, the girl whips around me and returns to the center lane very close to hitting me, like she was pissed at me or something.  Keep in mind that there are no cars around us. Why would she do that if she wasn't a stupid, rude, agressive driver.

Remember:  "Without stupid people we'd have no one to laugh at. Take the time and thank a stupid person for their contribution." -unknown-
I luv you guys to pieces!