Sep. 24, 2015

I was wondering....

I was wondering....

Wonder if it is true that rosemary helps your memory to be 75% sharper? Just in case, I have some at my desk, which I sniff often. Haven't noticed any change yet...maybe my memory brain cells have left the building.

Was wondering...Do you call animal crackers animal crackers or animal cookies?  I call them animal cookies, because they're not crackers.  When you're eating animal cookies, do you eat all the hippos together, all the gorillas together, and so forth, or do you reach in and eat whatever animal you grab?  When you were a kid and you were eating animal cookies, did you eat a horsey by biting his head off first, then biting each leg off and then save the torso for last?

Traffic sucks, because there are so many stupid drivers. Was wondering if there were stupid drivers back in cowboy days. Like, when two wagons came to an intersection, did one of 'em wave and let the other turn first, or did they not even stop and turn in front of the other driver? They didn't have horns to honk back then, so I imagine they yelled curse words to the other drivers and pulled out their guns...oh...that's not much different from today. Hmmmm. Wonder, did passengers in wagons ever moon people that they passed? Did a wagon go slow on purpose, so the wagon behind it couldn't go around it? Uh-oh, there's that curse/gun thing again.  Wonder if the younguns raced their horses up and down main street and in and out of wagons? Did people cruise the streets on Friday and Saturday nights, causing wagon traffic jams?

I was just wondering.