Sep. 18, 2015

I have never....

I have never referred to a policeman as a cop.  I think I followed my Mom’s example on that.  To me saying ‘cop’ is not respectful.

 People have started saying, “I’m going on vacay.”  I hate that.  It’s pronounced va-kay-sion.

I always wonder how places that I have been have changed.  Like houses I’ve lived in and places that I’ve worked.  I worked at Gulfalloy in Galena Park in the mid 70’s, and I’ve always wanted to see how much the building has changed.  Was driving down Clinton looking for the place.  This is a section of Galena Park that has always been dirty and dusty.  There are still suspicious people hanging around everywhere like in the 70’s.  I remember… being afraid to get out of my car or go to lunch by myself and there was a guy in the office that worked near me that gave me the icks.  As I was driving through, I began to feel down and remembered how much I hated it when I worked there.  Suddenly it dawned on me….why the heck would I want to revisit a place that I hated and where I was unhappy?  What was I doing there?  I turned around and headed away, didn’t look for the building any more.  Seriously need to dump this bad memory from the old memory banks, and never ever return there again.

I have never…..liked Madonna, eaten any organ meat or octopi or squid, enjoyed spending time with an old fart or petted Faolan's bearded dragon.  His name is Link.

An old saying:  "Vegetarian is an old Indian word for bad hunter."