Sep. 13, 2015

My thoughts on The Visit

Spoiler Alert (whatever).
M. Night Shamalamadingdong got me again! I liked his Signs and The Village, but he has bombed every time since. Yes, The Visit was another bomb.

M. Night is much like Stephen King. There are 4 parts to their movies:

1st part is getting to know the family's dynamic and the personality of each one and there is most assuredly at least one young person.

2nd is putting said family in scary situations and nobody believes each other. I always hate this part, because, heck, if someone tells me do not go into the cellar.....then I'm NOT going into the cellar. Truthfully, they wouldn't even have to tell me not to go into the cellar, because I wouldn't go in one....ever.

3rd is pretty scary, well you expect it to be scary and think this is going to be epic!

And then there is the 4th.....the lamest dang ending that could be thought up and everyone goes back to their original lives.

And I sit in the movie theater until everyone has left and the cleanup kids turn the lights on, and I'm sitting there thinking what the hey was that? Surely it's not over? Yes, I see the credits rolling, but there must be more. Right?

[NOTE: When I review a movie, it's usually about how the movie made me feel.]