Sep. 7, 2015

The top 10 most important...

I just watched the second episode of "Fear The Walking Dead." This series takes place before "The Walking Dead," and shows us what happens when the virus begins.  Read on for the top 10 most important things to do in a zombie apocalypse:

1. If your parents tell you that people are behaving strangely, you believe them and follow their orders.

2. When someone tells you to run, don't stand there in disbelief, as a distorted, bloody person walks toward

3. Find yourself a large vehicle, a trailer or a tank would be excellent, and stock it with water and canned goods.

4. Carry a gun, not a rifle.  When zombies or bad people attack, it is easier to raise a pistol and fire than to raise a rifle and fire.  And, if you're really good with a crossbow or a long sword, that's good too.

5. Get out of the city ASAP.

6. Search abandoned cars and take anything out of them that you can use.  If the car has gas, mark it somehow so that if you're back that way, you will know what vehicle to take.

7. When your group needs to sleep, have 2 guards on watch, because one of 'em is sure to fall asleep.

8.  Surround your camp area with tin cans tied to rope.  The sound will alert you to intruders.

9. If you come upon a black woman who is leading two toothless zombies, you be sure and pick her for volleyball.  This is a must.

10. AND, this is the most important thing to do:  Stay away from the mother and her daughter in the Fear series, because you will want to tie them behind a truck and drag them.

A thought"Everybody makes fun of the redneck, until the zombies show up."  -unknown-