Sep. 1, 2015

Do you.....

Do you ever open a 5-piece pack of gum, pull out the middle stick and make a wish.  I've been doing that since I was a kid.  Not sure where I got the idea.  My wishes don't come true when I do it, but why would's just a stick of gum.

Do you ever look at your stack of dinner plates in the cabinet and wonder if the plates on the bottom feel left out, because you haven't used them in a good while?  Neither do I.

Do you ever look at billboards that have people's pictures on them and wonder why they did that?  Are they thinking that people are going to drive by and see their picture up there and say, "Oh look Harold, we should buy insurance from him.  He looks like a nice fella."  It's a bit narcissistic if you ask me.

Do you notice how cute guys are when they wear knit caps?  But dudes, it's a freaking 100 degrees out!

A tiny memory of my Mom:  In church, when we Hayter kids asked Mom for a piece of gum and there were just a few pieces, she would tear the sticks in half so we would all get some.  When we were through chewing, we'd hand our ABC gum (already been chewed gum) to her, and she would roll it up in a wrapper and put it in her purse.  And sometimes....she would chew our ABC gum, because we hadn't gotten all the good out of it.  I did that with my boys too.  Hey, there are no germs between a Mom and her kids!

I leave you with these words of wisdom:  "Birds of a feather flock together and crap on your car."