Aug. 16, 2015

Empty med bottles

This is a picture of empty medicine bottles that I have collected...yes, I'm on you didn't know that.  Rachel posted about a place you can send your empty med bottles, which are sent to Africa, where they have no bottles to put medicine in.  Doctors have to use paper sometimes.  I'll be sending this box to Malawi Project, 3314 Van Tassel Dr., Indianapolis, IN 46240, and they will send the bottles on.  Note:  I'm not being self-righteous here, just think it's a simple way to help people.

You ever go to a storage box of papers and find that the rubber bands you bound them with are disentegrated and stuck to the paper, and the paper clips have left rust marks?

I have those - shield the front window of your car thingees, so that the insides of your car get less hot.  I'm always surprised when I'm able to coil them up properly.

My brother, Mark Hayter, wrote an article about how everyone uses the word surreal and that he's sick of it.  I also feel the same way, along with the word basically.  What did we use before starting each sentence with basically?  Nothing!

I remember at Pomeroy Elementary in the 2nd grade, after lunch Mrs. Cobb would go to the storage closet in the back of our classroom, pull out a piece of straw from a witches broom that was used to decorate the room for Halloween and pick her teeth with it.  I would make sure that I didn't miss her doing this everyday after lunch.  Was thinking if I could erase this thought, it would free up a lot of memory space.

I leave you with this important thought.  You might want to write it down to share it with others:  "On the other hand....... you have different fingers."