Aug. 10, 2015


Snuffelofagus is one of my favorite Muppets, also Beaker. Oh....and the Swedish Chef. "Yorkin borkin, borgin."

I'm so excited to have a lock/unlock button pusher thingee for my car. Wish I had one for the front door of my house. It would come in handy when zombies are chasing me.

I quit using my underarm deodorant, because of its link to cancer. So, you might want to think twice before approaching me. I reek!

I go to Rotten Tomatoes and there's a Fruit of the Loop pop-up ad with panties hanging on a clothes line. If you move the cursor over each pair, they blow in the wind.

I only learned of the word queue about a year ago. "I need to go to Netflix, and see if that movie is in my queue."

Leaving the grocery store. I don't see my car! Whew! There it is. Walk over to the gray car and push my locker/unlocker button thingee and nothing happens. Oh gees, this isn't my car! For a second I was worried that someone had seen me make the mistake. Then I thought, there's nobody out here sitting in a hot car waiting for me to do something stupid. I find my car and there next to it is a man and a woman sitting in a hot car and smiling at me. Red faced, I make the universal sign of craziness by rotating my index finger in a circular motion around my ear. They smiled even bigger. The best smiles I've seen in a long, long time. It pays to do goofy things sometimes.

When you're driving along and run over a pot hole, do you say, "Ouch!" I do. Why do they call 'em pot holes?

Sometimes when I read a book (stop laughing!) and it's a good one, I'll stop reading before the end and wait for a day or two before finishing it. I do that because it's so good that I don't want it to end.

Remember: "If you don't laugh at yourself, there's plenty of people who will!"