Aug. 5, 2015

Mr. Robot

Thoughts about the new TV program Mr. Robot....

It won’t be long before SNL is doing a parody of the main character:  big, bulging eyes, wears a black hooded sweat shirt jacket with zipper, hands in pockets, mouth agape, with a blank look on his face at all times.  It would be easy to imitate him.

He’s a hero hacker, and he keeps a CD file of those bad guys that he has bested.  I like the way he thinks strange things in his head and how he spaces out while people are talking to him, because I also do that.  I can identify.

During one of the slow scenes, you know, the ones with no dialog, where they show each character individually doing something, they played a Neil Diamond song - "If you go away."   Whaaaaaa?  Had nothing to do with anything.  They must've bought the song for cheap.  It was lost on me.

The show is all about computers.  I’m on a computer 40 hours a week at work, plus the time I spend on it at home, and the only thing I know about computers is reboot and it will fix just about every problem.  I'm easily confused with tech stuff.

Another thing, they must’ve used the word “dat” a hundred times.  Seriously, why not say “data”.  All they have to do is add the sound of "ah" at the end.

I don't really care for the series, but I haven't given up on it yet.  The main guy, Rami Malex, kind of reminds me of Marty Feldman in Young Frankenstein.


I leave you with a quote from W.C. Fields:  "I am free of all prejudice.  I hate everyone equally."