Aug. 2, 2015

Saturday drive

No whirly gigs at Walmart? Whaaaa? Settled on white, silk flowers instead. Cherry Slurpy, yum. Driving in my Matrix listening to CCR. In Crosby. Things have really changed. Hayter's Green Acres, where my Mom and Daddy lived. The people who live here now have fixed the place up very nice. There's the garage where we had fun Halloween parties. Where Big Al was Ike Turner and I was Tina, and we performed Rollin' on a River. I'll never forget Daddy saying that we were really good. There's the field where we played our infamous Hayter Thanksgiving and Christmas Flag Football games. Good times. *sigh* On to the cemetery. Look at those trees! There is a perfect limb to sit on and do some thinking. I love thinking trees. Placed my flowers and took pictures. Stayed a bit. As always, I kissed my hand and touched Daddy's name and I did the same on Ma's name. Hot day, but a beautiful breezy one. I had an awesome visit. Back home again. It was a nice Saturday trip.