Jul. 29, 2015

Some thoughts

<--- I mean, really?  Can you not be bothered?  Were you raised with servants?


Jill:  "I wonder why nobody asks me out?  What's wrong with me?"

Guy from work:  "You wanna know the truth?"

Jill:  (Oh gees, he's gonna tell me the truth!)  "Okay tell me the truth."

GFW:  "Well you're kinda cute, but you're not pretty.  You give off a negative vibe like you're not interested, and you don't show any clevage."

Jill:  "Alrightee then."



Can you throw up in the toilet?  I can’t.  It makes me throw up more.

Do you love the soft crunch of whole cashews?  I do.

I woke feeling extra happy.  Had a dream that I was in a large, white room surrounded by children, who were all around 4 years of age.  They were standing very close to me, were all talking together, and I knew every one of them.  I felt so loved and they knew that I loved them.  An awesome dream!


A quote from Albert Einstein -- "Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe."