Jul. 27, 2015

Holy cats!

Holy cats!!

I typed gammajill.com into the yahoo search line -- I'm the 1st & 2nd one listed!

I began my blog 5.17.2015, and have received 4,384 hits in 72 days!  Thank you, thank you, so much my friends and family, and I don't know who else, for making me so happy!  Blogging is lots of fun!

You are all awesome....unless maybe your mindless freaks, who are on my same wave link, and you understand the crazy, snarkiness which is me.  If that's the case...shall we pray.  Snarky is as Snarky does.

I leave you with this saying that Don Netherton's uncles would tell him:  "That's what the monkey said when he got his tail caught in the lawn mower...It won't be long now."