Jul. 23, 2015

I don't care for that

When you’re watching a program on TV, they go to a commercial and when they return, there’s a review of what you’ve already seen.  Hey!  I’ve been sitting here the entire time!  I don’t care if someone just tuned into your show.  They should have been there at the beginning…like me!  Tough rockos, I say!  I don’t like it when that happens.

When you’re following a slow moving car, you decide to go around it and as you do, they speed up.  I don’t care much for that.

The word “moot” is a strange word, and I don’t care for it.

You know the beautiful, sexy girl on the Carl’s Jr commercial, who holds that hamburger with one hand and chomps on it?  She bites into it like a defensive lineman.  Don’t care for that......or for her.  Now the hamburger, I'm fine with it.

Have you noticed people repeating the same word, for example:  How was your day?  Fine fine fine.  How are you feeling?  Good good good.  I can handle this and do it myself, often.   Cool cool.

I leave you with this quote:  "The best nicknames are the ones people don't know they have." --unknown--