Jul. 19, 2015


Trainwreck -- SPOILER ALERT:

It was nasty. No female nudity, but a bunch of male butts, especially John Cena's butt.

The acting was great! Even Labron James' acting was great...I had no idea. I like Bill Hader, and not just because his name is pronounced like my maiden name. The chemistry between Amy and Hader was spot on. Picture just about every comedy romance movie, but switch the girl's part with the guy's part -- She's the one who is drinking constantly and she's the one who is sleeping with everybody.

There was practically every member of the SNL crew in it. It's my opinion that when you are a part of SNL, you have to sign a contract that says if you make it big in the movies, you must cast at least 5 SNL comedians in your movies.

The relationships in the movie were endearing. Parts were sweet and sentimental. I cried a bunch and laughed several times. It's got to be very funny to make me laugh. The audience loved it.

I don't recommend you take your mom to see it, or see it on a date, or....you get the idea. My glasses fogged up several times due to its nastiness.