Jul. 13, 2015



SPOILER ALERT:  Went to see Terminator.  Why oh why did they make that?  It sucked so bad!  Sarah Connor calling the old terminator "Pops," was the worst thing about it all.  She was nothing like the real Sarah Connor, no muscles....she had breasts, yes, but no strong muscles.  Can you imagine the first Sarah Connor calling the terminator Pops?!

There were twists and turns, and forward in times and back in times.  Time movies confuse me anyway, but I gave up trying to figure this one out 30 minutes into the movie.

John Connor, a bad guy?  No I don't think so!  Or was he a bad terminator or a bad cyborg?  Not sure.  Anyway he was a bad something.....at least I think he was bad, or maybe he was good.

And the melty metal terminators.  Oh please! I'm so over them.  The only way you're gonna get rid of one of them is to happen upon some really toxic, acidic liquid laying around in a vat somewhere.

And Sarah had been working on helping the old terminator to fit in with the world, so she taught him to smile big, showing his teeth.  The first time Arnold did it, was a little funny, but the 2nd through the 12th time was just annoying!

And of course Arnold had to say, "I'll be bok."  Oh paleeese.  People in the audience were laughing their heads off during the movie.  I felt so out of place there, like maybe I might have slipped through to another dimension or something.

I came out of the theater shaking my head, wondering what the heck just happened?  Please don't bother to explain this new terminator movie to me, I don't even want to know...seriously.  I'm working really hard at putting it behind me.  It literally sucked gutter water.