Jul. 10, 2015

The Man from Planet X

I was one year old when The Man from Planet X was made. Watched it tonight, and wished that Moke & Big Al had been with me. The 3 of us would've had a blast making fun!

The alien's head looked like one of those huge Mardi Gras heads. The bad guy was Patty Duke's TV dad, and when he would think up an evil idea, he would actually rub his chin. The female star was Margaret Field, Sally Field's mom.

The Scottish constable's lines were hilarious, "I'll nay believe such clapper clawin'! It's daft! You are, completely flummoxed." "A sorry part of the moors for honest man to be. Aye." "You take the taste of tea right oudda my mouth."

It was so bad. I had an awesome time! ----- Watch the trailer at your own risk!

I leave you with this rather sobering quote from Steve Martin -- "A day without sunshine is like, you know, night."