Jun. 13, 2015


Was on my way to the Gulfpoint to see Insidious. The beginning of heavy rains stopped me.  Don't want my Happy to get flooded ever again.  So instead, I stopped at Carl's Jr., bought one of their awesome breakfast biscuits and headed back home.  Yes Clintrock, I'm back at eating fast food. Can't help it, I'm a foodaholic and I've got a monkey on my back....or a Whataburger on my back or a DQ steak finger basket or a...well you get the picture.

Back to Insidious....people have asked me, "Jill, why do you watch movies like that?"  They ask as if I were screwed up or something. My answer is that I enjoy being scared. To clarify, I enjoy being scared only when watching a movie, not in real life.

No way in real life would I want a dead girl with a creepy face, wearing a white nightgown, walking on all fours with her hands and feet turned the opposite way and she's moving hard at me. Or the same dead girl on all fours crawling on the ceiling moving hard at me.

I don't really think the big, bad boogie man (satan) and his minions would scare me like that though. It's simple as to why.  My fear scream is known far and near for it's unbelievable, blood curdling resonance. It frightens the scarer way more than it frightens me, and that's a bunch. 

Just ask my brothers.  We all went to the movies to see Jaws when it first came out, and I put the fear in them so badly, they moved many seats away from me.  Something about I was scaring them more than the shark was.  Sissies. 

So..... if the bad guy did scare me, my scream would petrify him so badly it would send him straight to hel...., oh, that's where he lives....nevermind.

So I'm home watching my saved episodes of Law & Order: Special Victims. "Jill, why would you watch something like that?" Because I like Benson and Stabler, they most always catch the perps and it reminds me to keep an eye out for icky people.

I'll probably go see Insidious next weekend.

Clarification: I know this is a pic of the dead girl from The Ring, but most of the dead girls lately look the same to me.

Luv you guys!