Jun. 7, 2015

Brian Wilson

Saw Love and Mercy.  I'm only going to mention a few things, so there's no spoiler alert here. 

It's a story about Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys.  I knew that he was a genius and that he's endured many struggles.  I'm sure you knew that his father was an ars and beat him physically and mentally.  I've always thought that Mike Love was an ars and thought highly of himself.  In the movie that's pretty much true.  The others in the group seemed to be just along for the ride...didn't care for that much.

I didn't like the way they presented the movie, going from Brian as a young man to Brian as a mature man, back and forth.  Not good.

Paul Dano did an excellent acting job as young Brian.  Now John Cusack is a good actor, but not in this movie.  He didn't fit the part.  I felt something was missing in his performance, he was missing the tenderness of Dano's portrayal, or the heart or something was missing.

After hearing the music in the movie, I went on youtube and listened to their songs.  Brian is a definite genius.

I couldn't recommend that you go to the movies to see it, but definitely rent it.

This is just my opinion.