Jun. 2, 2015

I hate rude behavior

My Gerland's on Spencer and Underwood is reorganizing. There are like a gazillion employees in the store helping. Out of those gazillion employees, not one of 'em smiled back at me, they didn't even make eye contact!

Gerland's must be a sad place to work at right now. I feel for the employees there, because I've worked in sad places before.

The cashier was exceptionally rude, like she was pissed that I came to her register. She didn't say hello or kiss my foot or anything. Wasn't sure if she was going to scan my groceries or shoot me.

She made me angry and I wanted to say to her, "I'm so sorry, sweetie.  Did your dog die?" or "I can see you're having a bad day, can we pray together?"  I would never say those to anyone, but maybe some day I will, if someone makes me angry enough. I could have been very snarky, but I chose not to be. It's a good thing I don't carry a gun.

This video is Tommy Lee Jones as Woodrow Call in Lonesome Dove.  He said it perfectly.