May. 31, 2015


I do not like romantic comedies.  To me, there is no such thing as romance.  But, I went to see Aloha, because Bradley Cooper and Emma Stone are in it.  Bradley is a good actor and his eyes are so bluish blue, really dreamy.  Emma Stone is like Jennifer Lawrence, so outstandingly cool.  Both say whatever they want, do whatever they want and don't care what anybody thinks.  They do guy things, are fun, silly, beautiul, good actors and don't mind belching in public.  That is what I aspire to. Not just the belching but all of that stuff.

Back to the movie.  Without giving away too much....the good things: Alec Baldwin, filmed in Hawaii, has Hawaiian mystic lore, John Krasinski (I didn't know he was so tall!) and two very likeable young actors.  The bad thing: Bill Murray.  I liked him in SNL, but haven't cared for his acting, much like I don't care for Kevin Kostner and Brad Pitt's acting.

Aloha is cute and romantic and the chemistry between Bradley and Emma is adorable.  The way they looked at each other was very sweet. Kind of what I would think romance would be like.....if there was such a thing.

Go see it.