May. 27, 2015

Have a coke and a name

The actress fad of cutting your hair short, dyeing it blonde and shaving one or both of the sides is sure making the rounds, isn't it?  They all look good with the hair style, but 5 years from now, when that style is no longer popular, girls will look at their old pictures and say, "Oh my!  I can't believe I did that!  What was I thinking?"  I've seen this many times.  I've never been a fad follower.  I can go my own way.


I'm sure you know that Coca-Cola is putting 1st names on their bottles and cans.  When I drink one with someone else's name on it, I feel kinda bad about it, because it's not mine.  By the by, if you find one that says "Jill", it's on me, or I'm on it.