May. 22, 2015

No more!

 (1)No more head butting - if it hurts the buttee, it will definitely hurt the butter. (2)No more tilting your head to the side, which causes your neck to make a popping sound, which signifies that you are about to kick someone's ars very badly.  (3)No more saying - it is what it is.  (4)No more throwing anyone under the bus.  (5)When a person (mainly me) has a mouse in their garage, it does absolutely no good to say, "Where there's one, there's more."  I freakin' know that.  Everybody knows that. No more!  (6)And please, please, no more swaying your head and hands side-to-side and talking trash.  It was a wee bit funny many, many years ago.  Now it's just pathetic.

No more, okay?  That is all.