Sep. 10, 2017

>>>> Worthless emoji's on our cells... can you tell me why there are so many countries’ flags?  Why is there a girl and a guy wearing a beret with a red scar on their faces?  A girl and a guy with their eyes closed and goggles sitting on top of their heads?  A compression emoji? A fleur-de-lis? Why is there a rice emoji with a black square in it (as pictured)? The number 100 with two lines under it?  Why not have the number 500 or the number 1,000 with two lines under it?  And some of the emoji’s I can't even make out, because they're so tiny.  It’s a bit of a mystery.  I would like to be able to delete the emojis that I will never use. Is that possible?  And… why call them emojis?  I think that “emo” stands for emotions, but why emo-jis? I want to know the answers to these questions, but not enough to research them. Hopefully one or two of you will enlighten me with their knowledge.

>>>>> Have you ever wondered how many times you've mowed your yard, or the total money you’ve paid to have your yard mowed?

>>>>> We all know that if Sean Bean is in something, his character is going to die.  What I wonder is... why?  Why do they kill him off?

>>>>> I wonder if the world would be a better place, if we all followed these 5 rules?  1.don't run with scissors in your hand, 2.don't be rude - it proves your stupidity,'re never alone - unless you're the only one around, kind to each other, 5.and the most important rule of them all - call your Mother.

I want to leave you with this gift… repeat after me... 8675309... there, now you can have that song stuck in your head for days too!  Don't tell me I never gave you anything. You are welcome.

People, I love you to pieces! Wild

Aug. 23, 2017

When my first born son, Jeff, had his first day of kindergarten, I was standing in the classroom by him as he was settling into his school desk.  As parents entered the room, dropped off their little ones, and exited, I stood by my precious 5 year old sweetheart baby boy, not wanting to leave his side.  I was having a difficult time holding back tears.  As I stood there I was mentally berating the stupid world for taking my little angel away from me.

Then suddenly, my extremely, self-sufficient since the day he came out of me, I belong to maw maw’s little boy, looked up at me and said, “Mom, you can go now."  Robotically, I bent down, kissed my Jeffy on the top of his genius little head, and exited the room, all the while fighting hard to hold back tears.

Walking down the hallway, I could keep them back no longer, and I broke out sobbing.  There were people passing me in the hallway and in the parking lot, and I didn’t care if they saw me crying.  I cried in my car, cried driving home, and I cried when I got home. I cried until I got tired of crying. 

So, you first time kindergarten parents, trust me, I feel your pain, because I've been there.  It doesn't get any easier to let them go as they grow up either. From time to time, I still cry about them not being my babies any more.  I hope I get over that someday, but I think if that were going to happen, it would have happened by now.

I still cry about my Jeffy and also my Ethan. I cry about Jeff when I haven't seen him in more than a month, and when he was flying overseas, and when I think back on how small he was. And with Ethan, I cry when I think about how few talks we've had together and when I don't see him for a while, when I think he's having difficulties or when I think about him working NICU and his saving babies.

Did you know that when you're kids grow up, you're supposed to let them go out on their own, and let them make their own mistakes, and you can't give advice or try to fix things for them, because they don't care for that. 

I've been crying about my boys for 34 years, ever sense Jeffy's first day of kindergarten.  I wonder if they know that I do that?

Jun. 9, 2017

Just finished watching the preview episode of the 4th season of the TV survival show Alone on The History Channel. I love love this show!  This year, there’s 7 teams of two… four teams of brothers, two teams of fathers and sons and one team of a husband and wife. They’ll be roughing it on Vancouver Island.  The team that stays the longest and doesn’t tap out wins.

 I’m rooting for father and son team, the Brockdorff’s, because the boy has long hair and a beard, which reminds me of my youngest, except that my Ethan buzzed his hair off a few months ago.  He still has the beard though. 

When I first saw my boy without his hair, I nearly passed out!  I was shocked!  Seriously!  Never would I have thought he would do that!  I’m still not over it.  I might not ever get over it.  At the time, he must’ve noticed my unhappy disbelief, because he looked down at me and said something like, “It’s. Too. Hot. For. Long. Hair!”  I’m not real sure exactly what he said, because, I didn’t actually hear his words, I just noticed his mouth was moving, cause like I mentioned, I was in shock.

 I shared all that just to see if he will comment.  He probably won’t.  Or, maybe I shared the telling of it to get some closure.  Whatever the reason, I’ll never be able to look at a young man with long hair, and not think of my little boy.  Wow, I was not expecting all that to come out.  I feel like I’ve been exorcized!

 Meanwhile back on Alone… the teams are all so excited at the beginning, but some of them will be near death before the season ends.  They’ll get skinny from not enough food, and there are cougars and black bears and wolves, oh my!

 The series begins Thursday, June 15th, 10/9C.  I recommend, if possible, you watch this premiere episode like I did, because it shows why the teams were chosen, each one’s strengths and weaknesses, and there’s this very cool English survival expert named Adam, who talks about the teams. He’s just adorable!

 Speaking of roughing it… one time my niece and I went on a hike around Huntsville State Park.  There were signs posted, that said that the trail was closed due to falling trees.  Cheryl and I didn’t care what the signs said, we were there to hike, and at the time, we were quite the rebels.

 It was a 10 mile hike, and before we finished it, I thought I was going to die!  Really!  While we’re walking along, we’re keeping a close lookout for spiders, snakes and serial killers.  It was hotter than hades, I was sweating bullets, and my brand new, cuter than anything boots, were rubbing blisters the size of golf balls on my little toes!  Those boots weren’t made for walking… and especially not for hiking.

 We were a few miles from the end of the trail, and the only thing that kept me moving was the thought of an ice chest full of Dr. Peppers back at camp.  I was trudging along and I said to Cheryl, “Kid, if one of us gets bit by a snake, I hope it’s me, because there’s no way I’m running to get you help.”  After I said that, we broke out in laugher that must have lasted a mile.  Sometimes, when times are toughest, they can also be the funniest.

 I reckon that’s it for now.  I’m still working out three times a week, finishing off a freezer full of Nutrisystem food and trying not to binge.  Thank you for reading. I really recommend that y’all watch Alone.  Remember that you’re never alone.  I love you guys.  I think you’re epic.  Don’t text and drive.  Call your Mother, and don’t run with scissors.

[That's a picture of me with my Sunny at Huntsville State Park.]

Feb. 17, 2017


I was remembering when Daddy would be driving us on our annual summer vacation trip to see Grandmother and Grandpa Teegarden in Bristow, Oklahoma.  My brothers and I would see a train, and we’d start counting the cars.  None of us ever came up with the same total.

Have you ever been able to open one of those easy open resealable zippered bags on the first try?  Me neither.

I hate going clothes shopping!  I have the worst style in clothes and can rarely find anything to fit me, especially jeans!  I was looking for jeans at Penney’s and noticed that they make a 24W Skinny Leg pair.  Whaaa?  I could see Gru from Despicable Me wearing them! 

If a pair of jeans fit me in the waist, then they are like clown pants around the hips.  I have to buy long jeans, because if I don't, when I sit down, the bottom hem comes up to mid-calf and that is just not a good look for me, or for anyone for that matter.

I understand that you can place peppermint plants throughout your house to keep mice away.  Seems they don’t care for the scent. 

I don’t care for the scent of vanilla, so you might think of that, if you ever want to get rid of me.

Jan. 31, 2017


This is Snarky Jill comin’ at ya, and I need to vent.  So if you don’t want to hear me being negative, don’t read any further.  You have been warned.  Here goes…

Okay, get this. I'm looking for a parking space at Walmart, and there is a grocery cart in the way, causing people to have to go around it.  This lady is walking toward the cart, and I'm thinking that is so sweet of her to move it out of the way for us.  Well... she walks up to the cart, gives it a hard kick, and continues walking toward the store never looking back, while the cart makes a big circle and ends up where it was.  Why?  Why would she do that?  I was like whaaaa?

During the same visit to Walmart and I'm still looking for a parking space, I see a close one!  When I get to the space, I find a grocery cart smack in the middle of it.  Why?  Why would someone leave it blocking a parking space, so that no one can park there, unless they get out of their car and move it?  Why?

Driving along, I've spotted 3 OFOP's, and one of them was a female.  OFOP stands for "Old Fart On a Phone."  It's like... the truck in front of me is going 35 mph in a 50 mph.  I finally get the chance to pass them, and I see that it's an OFOP, totally oblivious to everyone around him.  Some people can't talk on their phones and drive at the same time.


On a funny note, like maybe "Fa,"... I'm driving along, and notice a van driving in and out of traffic.  Suddenly the van is gone and I say, "Where did that van go?"  LoL!  Get it?  Van go?  You know, the one-less ear guy?  Never mind, you needed to be there.

Thank you for visiting my blog. I think you are epic, and I love you, so there!